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Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


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Welcome to Freedom Farm!  

Freedom Farm is an exceptional center providing therapeutic riding incorporating sensory, cognitive and social stimulation to build skills and confidence. We believe the rider's time here is very special so we make every moment count. At Freedom Farm, meeting the needs of our riders is very important.



Thank YOU for supporting or 9th Annual Polo Event!   

2016 Polo Event Facts

~2000 Guests

~Polo Hat Express (a first) handcrafted polo hats by Freedom Farm Riders brought in $1,100.
We have such beautiful & generous guests!

A Special Event Filled Day With LOVE and $100,200 Profit!!

2016 Freedom Farm Polo Event


The Programs offered at Freedom Farm

Therapeutic Riding Program

Hope with Horses - At-Risk Teens Program

Healing with Horses - Veterans Program


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  952-955-2505 or

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